The Video

If you want to see the day in more detail, here is the video from the day. Our (extremely talented) videographers, TwoPenny Productions really captured the feel of the day. Two years later, it still makes me tear up when I watch it.

Emily & Eli from Two Penny on Vimeo.


Photo Finish

Well, it is nearly 2 years since my last post on this site… and I never posted about the wedding. For all you know, fair internets, I may have never gone through with it. But… luckily that’s not the case. My wedding day was the most wonderful day of my life, bar none! I know that sounds dramatic, but I had a seriously awesome wedding. I am sorry I didn’t post about it sooner! I think what happened was that, in the months leading up to the wedding, I was way too busy with wedding planning to post. And then after it was over, I was too busy newly-wedding to post. Now, I’m not too busy doing anything, so I thought I would share *just a few* of my favorite images from the day. Better late than never, right??

Feast your eyes, and if you like what you see contact Jonathan Durling ASAP (I couldn’t IMAGINE a better photography experience)

Bonding with mom before the craziness hits

My sisters lace up my dress


Stealing some time for ourselves before the ceremony




Random dog that wanted to join the photo session


Lining up for the ceremony


My flower girl’s breakdown on her way down the aisle


Parents walking me down the aisle


First kiss as husband and wife!!

Showered With Love

It’s cheesy, but my bridal shower this past weekend completely lived up to its name. I wasn’t just sprinkled, but drenched in love!

But before we get there…

I went to Ann Arbor last weekend to attend my bridal shower as well as meet up with lots of vendors and finalize wedding related things. Most of the vendor meetings would be boring to recount (I tried to convince my fiance to join me on this sojourn to A2, I can’t imagine why he resisted. But I had a fabulous time!), but I did visit the farm where the wedding will be held. Last time I was there, it was winter and rainy and miserable.


And now…

It was lovely to see it in the summer time! Happy green grass and blue skies!

But, as I’ve said, aside from seeing the farm, the highlight of the weekend was my shower. My aunt, grandmother and good family friend gathered women from many different aspects of my life and we congregated in the Michigan League for high tea (I LOVE tea!).

Here are just a few representative photos from the afternoon…

Essentially, my shower was like the best birthday party that I ever had (x10). I got to wear a pretty party dress…

Eat delicious sandwiches and pastries…

The guest list was similar to birthday parties of yore…

Three generations

sisters ❤

although there were several notable (and WELCOME) additions…

Like birthday parties, we played games…

I wore a birthday hat,

and I got to open pretty presents!

all this and it wasn’t even my birthday!

I was incredibly overwhelmed and humbled by the love and generosity of all these wonderful women. It was enough that those who could be there were able to share a special afternoon with me (dayenu). I had family and friends come from as close as downtown and as far as Chicago, Ohio, Washington D.C. and South Carolina! Those who couldn’t be there were sweet and sent notes and love in other ways (my lab even sent me flowers. I nearly cried!). All in all it was just a spectacular day, and I am so grateful to the lovely hostesses for making me feel so loved and special! I’m getting all misty just thinking about it. So let’s just end with some more pics!

Thank you lovely hostesses!!

In the weeks that I’ve been absent, the invites have been winging their way all over the country, the RSVPs have been flowing in and the Wedding Anxiety (most certainly a proper noun) has been escalating. And like other brides, this anxiety seems to assert itself with the strongest conviction at bedtime, and infiltrate my dreams!!

My most recent wedding nightmare? That my flowergirl will be dress-less!! All brides (or most? or just me?) have those NATA dreams (NATA = naked at the altar)… but I’ve never heard of someone having those dreams about their flower girl.

In truth, these fears are not unfounded for me. I have dressed myself, I have dressed my maids, but so far I have neglected my adorable two year-old niece to be! I think it is time to address this issue.

My maids will be dressed in Jcrew, and I’ll be surprised – with cuteness like what you see below – if I don’t surrendor to Jcrew for my flower girl as well:

so ridiculously cute… but so ridiculously expensive.

When I am not drooling over jcrew dresses, I’m drooling over etsy tutus

but somehow I fear my mother and the flower girl’s mother might not be on board with all the fru-fru…

So for now- my top contender is this ivory eyelet dress for $40

from another etsy seller

but I’m not entirely sold.

I could really use some direction here. What are your thoughts?

Any great flower girls ideas?

If my wedding were a cheesy romantic comedy, then right now Stevie Wonder would be singing as a montage rolled: of my fiance and I assembling, licking and stamping all 130 of our invites,  of me walking in the summer heat over to the post office, of me hand canceling each envelope as the line behind me grows (yes, they let me do that. It was awesome), and finally ending with me mailing  an invitation addressed to the Honorable Barack Obama (it wouldn’t really fit in with the PLOT of my wedding movie, but it would match the song perfectly!)

But my wedding is not a romantic comedy,  and in the end we decided not to invite Barack and Michelle Obama to our wedding. Even though I do love our President, I feel that he and his staff have better things to do than come to a humble farm wedding in the Midwest. Still, this is a real thing. Apparently a lot of brides invite the president to their wedding, and whenever possible the “president” (i.e. some lowly intern who works for him) sends a letter of congratulations.

And that is pretty freakin’ cool, and probably worth the price of the invitation. So, maybe we will invite them after all… but only if enough of our A-list declines 🙂

Did you invite the president to your wedding?


Just realized that I left HALF the invites at home when I went to the post office earlier. D’OH!

I guess the montage continues…

Registry to the Rescue

I’ve been sicky sicky bum bum all week. Like woah. I don’t get sick often, I can’t remember the last time I even had a cold. But I guess my number was up. Yesterday I was so miserable that even ice-cream (!!) couldn’t cheer me up.

That’s a pretty bad sign

(okay, yes I know you’re supposed to avoid dairy when you’re sick. But ICE CREAM!?).

Anyway, I was so sick that even minor wedding tasks, like putting stamps on rsvp cards, was formidable. But, just when I thought all was lost, there was a knock on the door and a delivery man dropped off a very large box addressed to ME (and also to my Mr. but mostly to me). And do you know what it was? It was our very first wedding gift! Hallelujah! I’m not sure how they found our registry since we haven’t even sent out the invites yet, but our family friends from California sent us one of my most coveted items!

A Cuisin<3

Seriously, I have ALWAYS wanted one of these. Receiving this gift totally turned my whole day around. But now I want to use it! What should I make?

I know, I know, I have a lifetime to use my cuisinheart, but I have this (admittedly ambitious) idea that I am going to take pictures of us using each of our wedding gifts and somehow include the picture in the thank you note to each person. Some gifts will lend themselves to this more naturally than others.

“Dear George, Thanks so much for the washcloths. As you can see we really enjoy using them to wash our faces!”


or worse…  “Dear Aunt Louise, thank you so much for the towels, look we’re using them to dry off after enjoying a shower…together…”

awkward sauce

So I don’t know if we’ll follow through on this threat for every gift, but a Cuisinheart lends itself nicely to this idea. So the only question is: what to make?

What is your favorite use for your food processor?

Also of imminent importance: thank you notecards. I need help here as well (I know I’m super needy tonight, but I’ve been sick. Help a sister out!)

What are the cutest, funniest, nicest thank you cards you’ve come across on the expansive storefront also known as the World Wide Web?

A while back, I started explaining some of the many Jewish traditions and ceremonies associated with weddings. When I say many, I mean MANY. I’ve also suggested that my honey and I are planning a “New Jewish Wedding,” by which I mean we are keeping the traditions we like, and saying sianara to the rest! One tradition that is somewhat controversial in American weddings, but that we’re deciding to keep is the veiling ceremony, the Bedeken.

The veiling ceremony is a Jewish tradition because, in biblical times poor Jacob was tricked into marrying Leah, even though he had toiled for SEVEN years to marry her sister, Rachel (Imagine Rachel Green from FRIENDS). Jacob ended up marrying the wrong sister, all because the bride was wearing a veil and Jacob didn’t know it was actually Leah (imagine Liz Lemon from 30 Rock. Still hot, but a little older, and a little nerdier than sister Rachel).


In modern times, the groom meets up with the bride just prior to the wedding for a veiling ceremony, so that he acknowledges that this is the woman he intends to marry. But, this doesn’t quite jibe with modern American traditions. In order to have a veiling ceremony, you have to see your groom (or bride) before the wedding! Luckily, the new trend of having a “First Look” makes this a little easier.

And that is exactly what we intend to do. W day, we’ll get all gussied up in the morning, potentially engage in several other Jewish wedding traditions (that I’ll describe later), have a first look, take some photos, have some fun and eventually reconvene together with witnesses and the rabbi to sign the Ketubah and have the Bedeken.

Of course, there is the lingering complication that my veil doesn’t have a blusher, so my groom can’t ACTUALLY veil me… but I’ll find a way to tackle that conundrum. Any ideas, ladies??