Passion for Postage

Today, I walked over to the post office to have my invitation weighed. As I was walking, I thought about how important and ceremonious this was. Weighing the letter to purchase the postage that will send out my wedding invitations. Then I got to the post office, the employees were rude and unamused, and I felt rushed. So much for the glorious sentimentality of the USPS.

Still, even if the process of mailing (or in my case, weighing) letters is “nbd,” postage is still beautiful! After finding out that my invite will require 61 cent postage when traveling within the U.S., I went to the website to locate pretty 61 cent postage. Turns out there is only one 61 cent stamp.

And it is of a wedding cake!!!


But too easy.

So I started looking at other stamp denominations. Here are a few of my favorites:

Love!I love these LOVE stamps. They’re 44 cents each, so I would need to supplement 17 cents.

I could add 4 of these:

and one of these:

or 3 of these:

and 2 tiffany lamps.

Really there are just too many wonderful options. But when I suggested this to my better half, he told me that putting multiple stamps on an envelope looks “cluttered and bad” *GASP!*

I tried to explain that actually an envelope with multiple stamps looks “interesting and beautiful” but then he asked the following: would it be more work than one stamp? (yes). How long will people look at the envelope (12 seconds?)… He has a point. Fine. But I still felt like buying the simple wedding cake stamps was too easy. So I moseyed on over to zazzle.com and tried my hand and custom making stamps.

Awesome! Until I realize they charge you $22.00 for twenty 61 cent stamps (face value = $12.20)! I’m no Einstein but that seems to be a HUGE rip-off. So……………. after all this fun investigative work and custom design, what did I end up doing?

Ordering cake stamps. Because they are adorable, the right price, and for better or worse (I’m sure mostly better) they are easy.


Engagement Epidemic

In the past month, three of my good friends have gotten engaged! And I can think of at least 2 more couples who are right at the cusp. Is there something in the water???

I have heard, and experienced, that weddings come in waves. Two years ago, we attended 4 weddings within 6 months, and we haven’t been to a wedding since. Starting this weekend we’re back in the wedding saddle: 3 weddings in the next 4 months, and at least 3 more on deck! Have you experienced wedding cycles? Any theories to why they come and go in waves? (N.B. of all these couples only 2 even know each other! So it can’t be the power of suggestion!)

I’m so excited!!

No beating around the bush tonight. Let’s get to the meat of it: my invitations arrived in the mail today, and they are BEYOND gorgeous. Yes we paid out the nose for hand painted invites. When I paid last week, I couldn’t imagine what could be worth all this moolah. Turns out, our invitations were worth it.

sorry in advance for all the blurred out bits. I just don’t want any stalkers

(Our budget was blown on invites, we don’t have room for wedding crashers!!)

(All the pieces peeking out from their adorable folder)

<3 <3 <3(The piece at the top is the back of the RSVP card… I hope super cute RSVP cards don’t keep people from returning them! They get to keep the invite)

AHhhhhhhhhhh I’m so excited!! I want to mail them right this minute. Sadly, the envelopes are all at the calligraphers. It’s just as well, the wedding is still 3.5 months away (SO EXCITED).

I’m pretty sure that I am more excited about my invites than I am about the dress.

What detail are you most excited about for your wedding?

I just finished watching last night’s season finale of Brother’s and Sisters.

Alright, alright, I didn’t so much watch it as cry through it. And yes, I know this was a particularly sad episode, but I’ve cried through the last three or four, and pretty much every single Grey’s since November. As my honey puts it, I’m a softie. But it’s not just the crying. I’m a hormonal mess. I crave ice cream all the time, in fact I’m eating it right now, and considering seconds (who am I kidding, thirds). My pores are the size of colorado, despite thorough exfoliating, and I can’t go 3 hours without food (preferably ice cream) or I’ll bite your head off (by you, I mean my fiance).

angsty shot

So what gives? If I didn’t know any better I’d think I was pregnant (stop hyperventilating, Mom. I’m NOT pregnant). I think it is the wedding planning. All this ooey gooey mush tugs at my heart strings. It’s like I AM pregnant, with a wedding!!

What do you think?

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

A while back, I told you about my search for shoes. It was a little tough to find the right pair, mostly because I never wear heels and didn’t know what to look for. But! I found my shoes!! I had seen this pair in pink, and I loved everything but the color. But I did a little digging and found that they were also offered in red! The color, the style, the details and the price ($83 with a coupon) were just the perfect combination (even if the heel is a bit high)!!

(notice how the heels tie in with my veil?)

Everything is starting to come together 🙂 🙂 🙂

I’ve spent a lot of time telling you about all the things I plan to do at the wedding. But there are SO many traditions and new trends associated with weddings, and while I’m sure they are right for some people, some of them just aren’t for us. So here is a list of 5 wedding trenditions that we will NOT be doing:

1) Writing our own vows. Hopefully we’ll say something nice and meaningful to each other at some point that day; perhaps during the yichud? (Explanation of that Jewish tradition forthcoming. But for now, check out wikipedia) Personally, I would have no problem with writing vows. My mister, however, hates being the center of attention. I think the wedding day will be torture enough without making him say something heartfelt in front of everyone we know.

2) Tuxes for the men. Our wedding is on a FARM for goodness sake. It’s silly enough that they’re wearing suits with all the goats and horses. Plus my man would rather spend the extremely limited groom’s budget (I may have funneled some of it into my dress budget) on a suit he can wear a lot, than on a tux rental.

3) Finely manicured floral arrangements.

Like I said, we’re getting married on a farm. Natural is the name of the game. My mom and I are planning to go to the farmers market the day before the wedding and purchase fresh local flowers and produce (pomegranates!!) to use in bouquets and centerpieces on the day of. Again, it’s just what works best for us.

4) Leaving for our honeymoon right after the wedding. We’re getting married in early September, and both have to go back to school two days after the wedding. We’re planning a honeymoon, but it won’t be until January. I’m hoping we can take a long weekend in September and have a “staycation” in a nice hotel on South Beach, we’ll see.

5) Not seeing each other before the ceremony. As part of a Jewish wedding, we will sign the ketubah before the ceremony. We will also have a veiling ceremony, where my mister “veils me” to ensure that he is marrying the right woman.

(I just hope Ursula doesn’t show up in my likeness and ruin the whole thing.)

So, we’re following the trend (if not American tradition) and having a first look.

What wedding trends or traditions have you decided to buck in the course of  your wedding planning?

Before I met my hubby-to-be, I had never been to a Jewish wedding. I grew up in a Jewish family, but there just weren’t that many weddings while I was growing up, or perhaps I just wasn’t invited… Either way, when I met my Mr almost four years ago, he introduced me to the delicious, beautiful, touching world that is Jewish weddings.

My Man's cousin's wedding 2 years to the day before ours.

Women dancing with bride at a Jewish wedding

Over the next couple months I’ll share a couple of the traditions unique to Judaism that we’ll be including in our ceremony and wedding celebration. Today, I want to show and tell about Ketubot. As I understand them (and I’m no expert) a Ketubah is a marriage contract between the husband and wife. Historically, they were used to take the place of a “bride price” since young men looking to marry usually couldn’t afford it at that time. Instead, the Ketubah would state an amount that the groom would pay the bride later, in the event of his death or divorce.  So, essentially a ketubah is a prenuptial agreement! Ketubot are traditionally written in Aramaic, but in modern times are either in Hebrew, Hebrew and English or just in English, however many rabbi’s require that they contain the traditional aramaic or hebrew text. So if you’re planning to purchase a Ketubah, check with your rabbi to find out his requirements before shelling out the big bucks!

Conservative Text

But, aside from the tradition, one of the wonderful things about Ketubot is that they are gorgeous! The Ketubah is meant to be kept forever (and technically a husband and wife cannot have “relations” if the document is lost), and many are works of art! So enough blah blah blah, let’s seem some pretty ketubot! My mister and I haven’t picked a design yet, but here are some we are considering…

Like all artwork, the prices for Ketubot can vary dramatically depending on the artist, the medium, the style and how quickly you need it. The average Ketubah costs around $200-300 (but I’m willing to bet that first one costs MUCH more).

Those are just a few of the THOUSANDS of gorgeous Ketubot you can find on the webosphere. I don’t have any idea how we’ll decide, but I imagine it would be easier if I didn’t keep adding potentials to our “short” list. When there are so many beautiful options, how do you choose just one!?