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A while back, I started explaining some of the many Jewish traditions and ceremonies associated with weddings. When I say many, I mean MANY. I’ve also suggested that my honey and I are planning a “New Jewish Wedding,” by which I mean we are keeping the traditions we like, and saying sianara to the rest! One tradition that is somewhat controversial in American weddings, but that we’re deciding to keep is the veiling ceremony, the Bedeken.

The veiling ceremony is a Jewish tradition because, in biblical times poor Jacob was tricked into marrying Leah, even though he had toiled for SEVEN years to marry her sister, Rachel (Imagine Rachel Green from FRIENDS). Jacob ended up marrying the wrong sister, all because the bride was wearing a veil and Jacob didn’t know it was actually Leah (imagine Liz Lemon from 30 Rock. Still hot, but a little older, and a little nerdier than sister Rachel).


In modern times, the groom meets up with the bride just prior to the wedding for a veiling ceremony, so that he acknowledges that this is the woman he intends to marry. But, this doesn’t quite jibe with modern American traditions. In order to have a veiling ceremony, you have to see your groom (or bride) before the wedding! Luckily, the new trend of having a “First Look” makes this a little easier.

And that is exactly what we intend to do. W day, we’ll get all gussied up in the morning, potentially engage in several other Jewish wedding traditions (that I’ll describe later), have a first look, take some photos, have some fun and eventually reconvene together with witnesses and the rabbi to sign the Ketubah and have the Bedeken.

Of course, there is the lingering complication that my veil doesn’t have a blusher, so my groom can’t ACTUALLY veil me… but I’ll find a way to tackle that conundrum. Any ideas, ladies??


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