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In the weeks that I’ve been absent, the invites have been winging their way all over the country, the RSVPs have been flowing in and the Wedding Anxiety (most certainly a proper noun) has been escalating. And like other brides, this anxiety seems to assert itself with the strongest conviction at bedtime, and infiltrate my dreams!!

My most recent wedding nightmare? That my flowergirl will be dress-less!! All brides (or most? or just me?) have those NATA dreams (NATA = naked at the altar)… but I’ve never heard of someone having those dreams about their flower girl.

In truth, these fears are not unfounded for me. I have dressed myself, I have dressed my maids, but so far I have neglected my adorable two year-old niece to be! I think it is time to address this issue.

My maids will be dressed in Jcrew, and I’ll be surprised – with cuteness like what you see below – if I don’t surrendor to Jcrew for my flower girl as well:

so ridiculously cute… but so ridiculously expensive.

When I am not drooling over jcrew dresses, I’m drooling over etsy tutus

but somehow I fear my mother and the flower girl’s mother might not be on board with all the fru-fru…

So for now- my top contender is this ivory eyelet dress for $40

from another etsy seller

but I’m not entirely sold.

I could really use some direction here. What are your thoughts?

Any great flower girls ideas?


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