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Photo Finish

Well, it is nearly 2 years since my last post on this site… and I never posted about the wedding. For all you know, fair internets, I may have never gone through with it. But… luckily that’s not the case. My wedding day was the most wonderful day of my life, bar none! I know that sounds dramatic, but I had a seriously awesome wedding. I am sorry I didn’t post about it sooner! I think what happened was that, in the months leading up to the wedding, I was way too busy with wedding planning to post. And then after it was over, I was too busy newly-wedding to post. Now, I’m not too busy doing anything, so I thought I would share *just a few* of my favorite images from the day. Better late than never, right??

Feast your eyes, and if you like what you see contact Jonathan Durling ASAP (I couldn’t IMAGINE a better photography experience)

Bonding with mom before the craziness hits

My sisters lace up my dress


Stealing some time for ourselves before the ceremony




Random dog that wanted to join the photo session


Lining up for the ceremony


My flower girl’s breakdown on her way down the aisle


Parents walking me down the aisle


First kiss as husband and wife!!


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