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If my wedding were a cheesy romantic comedy, then right now Stevie Wonder would be singing as a montage rolled: of my fiance and I assembling, licking and stamping all 130 of our invites,  of me walking in the summer heat over to the post office, of me hand canceling each envelope as the line behind me grows (yes, they let me do that. It was awesome), and finally ending with me mailing  an invitation addressed to the Honorable Barack Obama (it wouldn’t really fit in with the PLOT of my wedding movie, but it would match the song perfectly!)

But my wedding is not a romantic comedy,  and in the end we decided not to invite Barack and Michelle Obama to our wedding. Even though I do love our President, I feel that he and his staff have better things to do than come to a humble farm wedding in the Midwest. Still, this is a real thing. Apparently a lot of brides invite the president to their wedding, and whenever possible the “president” (i.e. some lowly intern who works for him) sends a letter of congratulations.

And that is pretty freakin’ cool, and probably worth the price of the invitation. So, maybe we will invite them after all… but only if enough of our A-list declines 🙂

Did you invite the president to your wedding?


Just realized that I left HALF the invites at home when I went to the post office earlier. D’OH!

I guess the montage continues…


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