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I’ve been sicky sicky bum bum all week. Like woah. I don’t get sick often, I can’t remember the last time I even had a cold. But I guess my number was up. Yesterday I was so miserable that even ice-cream (!!) couldn’t cheer me up.

That’s a pretty bad sign

(okay, yes I know you’re supposed to avoid dairy when you’re sick. But ICE CREAM!?).

Anyway, I was so sick that even minor wedding tasks, like putting stamps on rsvp cards, was formidable. But, just when I thought all was lost, there was a knock on the door and a delivery man dropped off a very large box addressed to ME (and also to my Mr. but mostly to me). And do you know what it was? It was our very first wedding gift! Hallelujah! I’m not sure how they found our registry since we haven’t even sent out the invites yet, but our family friends from California sent us one of my most coveted items!

A Cuisin<3

Seriously, I have ALWAYS wanted one of these. Receiving this gift totally turned my whole day around. But now I want to use it! What should I make?

I know, I know, I have a lifetime to use my cuisinheart, but I have this (admittedly ambitious) idea that I am going to take pictures of us using each of our wedding gifts and somehow include the picture in the thank you note to each person. Some gifts will lend themselves to this more naturally than others.

“Dear George, Thanks so much for the washcloths. As you can see we really enjoy using them to wash our faces!”


or worse…  “Dear Aunt Louise, thank you so much for the towels, look we’re using them to dry off after enjoying a shower…together…”

awkward sauce

So I don’t know if we’ll follow through on this threat for every gift, but a Cuisinheart lends itself nicely to this idea. So the only question is: what to make?

What is your favorite use for your food processor?

Also of imminent importance: thank you notecards. I need help here as well (I know I’m super needy tonight, but I’ve been sick. Help a sister out!)

What are the cutest, funniest, nicest thank you cards you’ve come across on the expansive storefront also known as the World Wide Web?


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