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Today, I walked over to the post office to have my invitation weighed. As I was walking, I thought about how important and ceremonious this was. Weighing the letter to purchase the postage that will send out my wedding invitations. Then I got to the post office, the employees were rude and unamused, and I felt rushed. So much for the glorious sentimentality of the USPS.

Still, even if the process of mailing (or in my case, weighing) letters is “nbd,” postage is still beautiful! After finding out that my invite will require 61 cent postage when traveling within the U.S., I went to the website to locate pretty 61 cent postage. Turns out there is only one 61 cent stamp.

And it is of a wedding cake!!!


But too easy.

So I started looking at other stamp denominations. Here are a few of my favorites:

Love!I love these LOVE stamps. They’re 44 cents each, so I would need to supplement 17 cents.

I could add 4 of these:

and one of these:

or 3 of these:

and 2 tiffany lamps.

Really there are just too many wonderful options. But when I suggested this to my better half, he told me that putting multiple stamps on an envelope looks “cluttered and bad” *GASP!*

I tried to explain that actually an envelope with multiple stamps looks “interesting and beautiful” but then he asked the following: would it be more work than one stamp? (yes). How long will people look at the envelope (12 seconds?)… He has a point. Fine. But I still felt like buying the simple wedding cake stamps was too easy. So I moseyed on over to zazzle.com and tried my hand and custom making stamps.

Awesome! Until I realize they charge you $22.00 for twenty 61 cent stamps (face value = $12.20)! I’m no Einstein but that seems to be a HUGE rip-off. So……………. after all this fun investigative work and custom design, what did I end up doing?

Ordering cake stamps. Because they are adorable, the right price, and for better or worse (I’m sure mostly better) they are easy.


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