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The Video

If you want to see the day in more detail, here is the video from the day. Our (extremely talented) videographers, TwoPenny Productions really captured the feel of the day. Two years later, it still makes me tear up when I watch it.

Emily & Eli from Two Penny on Vimeo.


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Photo Finish

Well, it is nearly 2 years since my last post on this site… and I never posted about the wedding. For all you know, fair internets, I may have never gone through with it. But… luckily that’s not the case. My wedding day was the most wonderful day of my life, bar none! I know that sounds dramatic, but I had a seriously awesome wedding. I am sorry I didn’t post about it sooner! I think what happened was that, in the months leading up to the wedding, I was way too busy with wedding planning to post. And then after it was over, I was too busy newly-wedding to post. Now, I’m not too busy doing anything, so I thought I would share *just a few* of my favorite images from the day. Better late than never, right??

Feast your eyes, and if you like what you see contact Jonathan Durling ASAP (I couldn’t IMAGINE a better photography experience)

Bonding with mom before the craziness hits

My sisters lace up my dress


Stealing some time for ourselves before the ceremony




Random dog that wanted to join the photo session


Lining up for the ceremony


My flower girl’s breakdown on her way down the aisle


Parents walking me down the aisle


First kiss as husband and wife!!

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Before I met my hubby-to-be, I had never been to a Jewish wedding. I grew up in a Jewish family, but there just weren’t that many weddings while I was growing up, or perhaps I just wasn’t invited… Either way, when I met my Mr almost four years ago, he introduced me to the delicious, beautiful, touching world that is Jewish weddings.

My Man's cousin's wedding 2 years to the day before ours.

Women dancing with bride at a Jewish wedding

Over the next couple months I’ll share a couple of the traditions unique to Judaism that we’ll be including in our ceremony and wedding celebration. Today, I want to show and tell about Ketubot. As I understand them (and I’m no expert) a Ketubah is a marriage contract between the husband and wife. Historically, they were used to take the place of a “bride price” since young men looking to marry usually couldn’t afford it at that time. Instead, the Ketubah would state an amount that the groom would pay the bride later, in the event of his death or divorce.  So, essentially a ketubah is a prenuptial agreement! Ketubot are traditionally written in Aramaic, but in modern times are either in Hebrew, Hebrew and English or just in English, however many rabbi’s require that they contain the traditional aramaic or hebrew text. So if you’re planning to purchase a Ketubah, check with your rabbi to find out his requirements before shelling out the big bucks!

Conservative Text

But, aside from the tradition, one of the wonderful things about Ketubot is that they are gorgeous! The Ketubah is meant to be kept forever (and technically a husband and wife cannot have “relations” if the document is lost), and many are works of art! So enough blah blah blah, let’s seem some pretty ketubot! My mister and I haven’t picked a design yet, but here are some we are considering…

Like all artwork, the prices for Ketubot can vary dramatically depending on the artist, the medium, the style and how quickly you need it. The average Ketubah costs around $200-300 (but I’m willing to bet that first one costs MUCH more).

Those are just a few of the THOUSANDS of gorgeous Ketubot you can find on the webosphere. I don’t have any idea how we’ll decide, but I imagine it would be easier if I didn’t keep adding potentials to our “short” list. When there are so many beautiful options, how do you choose just one!?

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I know what you’re thinking.

Pictures of the venue and invites are well and good. But it is time for the piece de resistance… the dress.

But first let’s take a peek at my girls’ dresses.

My bridal party is teensy tiny, just my two sisters (and my honey is just having his two brothers in his party) and I wanted them to be happy. So I sent them to jcrew.com told them to pick dresses in spiced wine, in the same fabric (but any style). Of course, they picked dresses in different fabrics. Because that’s what sisters are for.  But eventually they were able to agree upon one fabric and even style (because that’s also what sisters are for).  I think it’s lovely, and even prettier on them…

As for me. I was a conflicted bride when it came to dress shopping. I am super fashion conscious, and also thrifty (ok… cheap). So while I fell in love with Priscilla of Boston beauties and Oscar de la Renta jaw droppers, I couldn’t stomach also dropping multiple k on white fabric that I will inevitably spice with wine, so I took a different approach. I went to a teeny-tiny off brand boutique with tons of dresses in my price range. HEAVEN!

I found lots of gorgeous dresses that day, but easily fell for “my dress.” It’s not as fancy as the others, but it is so me. I don’t even know how to explain it any better, so I’ll just bring on the porn…

While I love the beaded belt that I am wearing in this picture, it cost nearly 1/2 as much as the dress, so I opted out. Instead, I saved my money to drop on a gorgeous veil.

This was definitely a splurg, but I saw a picture of this veil in a Style Me Pretty post and I fell. HARD. It was a pain to track it down, but the post listed the wedding planner – who eventually led me to the bridal shop where the original bride purchased it. But I live in Miami, and the bridal shop was in New York City… Sad. But as fate would have it,  I was scheduled to go to NYC for a holiday that very weekend (weird but true). I called the shop, they found a way to fit me in, I visited the shop and tried on the veil with a dress that was similar to my own and fell really really deeply in love. But that’s a lot of teaser and not much porn. So here are the pics.Sometimes everything just works out – especially when you are willing to shell out $$$.

I’ll just try to make sure not to spill any spicey wine on it.

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How is it already the end of April!? My goodness!

At this point I’m getting married in 4.5 months, and I’m trying not to panic. We’ve already been engaged for 9 months (today! wahoo?) and have gotten lots and lots done. But, I’ve started to notice that so far we’ve only accomplished the fun stuff. Wedding Dress? Check. Cute Farm Venue? Check. Food and Cake? Check and Check…. after checking off all the things we have accomplished on our to-do list, all that remains is the grunt work.

So, because I am stressed and need to vent, here in it’s glory is the list of un-fun tasks I have yet to accomplish.

  1. Guest List related tasks
    • Harass family members young and old for addresses
    • Figure out HOW to address guests on invite. If one guest has an MD, and his partner has a Ph.D. are they “Doctor and Dr. Allen?” What if the wife is very independent but took her husband’s last name? “Mr. and Mrs.  Joe and Jane Doe?” I’m sure there is specific etiquette on this… I just don’t know what it is.

    2.   Rehearsal Dinner related tasks

    • Choose a venue that will have ambiance but won’t cost my future in-laws an arm and a leg
    • Get someone from that venue with any kind of authority on the phone. Here is a transcript of a phone-call I had today with an employee at a potential RD venue. (FYI- I was trying to get in touch with their manager, Alan.)

    Me: Hi, may I speak with Alan please?

    Employee: Who?

    Me: Alan.

    Employee: She’s not coming back until April.

    Me:Alan? A- L- A- N? Alan’s not coming back until April?

    Employee: Oh sorry. No. We don’t have anyone named Alan who works here.

    Me: not even a supervisor, or a manager?

    Employee: Maybe you mean Al. He won’t be in until Tuesday.


    !!!! I nearly lost my mind!!!! Anyway, it occurs to me that maybe I just have a bad attitude. Now that I have secured all the fun, exciting details for the wedding, my heart is just not into these more menial/trying tasks.

    But remembering moments like that one, make it all worthwhile. OKAY OKAY you’re all puking now, so I’ll shut up, and try to be productive…and ask the boy to get cracking on these to do lists! 😉

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